Demand A Refund

Last month, the Consumer Action Law Centre launched, a website asking Australia’s insurers and warranty providers to stop selling junk which gets tacked onto car finance, credit cards and personal loans. These products cost thousands of dollars which is added onto a person’s loan or credit card, accruing interest. Having those products cancelled and premiums refunded can make a huge difference to affected people.

The website also gives people who have been mis-sold junk insurance the option to ask for their money back. It is a free service for all Australians.

The Consumer Action Law Centre estimates that Australians are owed $70 million per year in refunds for junk insurance and warranties. Furthermore, research shows that as many as 1 in 5 people who have bought these products do no know they have them. So if you know of anyone who could be in this situation, please share this website with them.

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