Have your say on the Residential Zones Review

The Andrews’ Labor government has acted on its promise to review the implementation of new residential zones and ensure the community has its say.

Minister for Planning, the Hon. Richard Wynne, has appointed an independent panel to hear from the community on how the zones were rolled out, what process each council followed in introducing the new zones, and how it should be improved.

The previous Liberal government rushed through major zone changes without proper consultation. This led to some very poor and short-sighted planning decisions and caused an inconsistent approach across Councils. The process was criticised by neighbourhood groups, local government and the property industry.

Submissions are now open to the public and public hearings will be held for submitters in April. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say. Submissions close on 14th March. Submissions can be lodged online. Click here for more information and to lodge an online submission.